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Sunday, June 21, 2009

~ Online Shopping

online shopping - very convinience way to shopping without going out + no stress.. so many choice and affordable price..

since last month, i always view blog that sell shawl and apparel..for me, so many design and no need to go to shopping complex or jln TAR to buy shawl...hahaha...

i made a booking and payment today, after 1 day i got it..beside, we give them a support for doing this business and hope one day they will become a succesfull entrepreneur..check out these blog :

- i bought a few shawl from radiusite and it was very pretty shawl + variety of design.. so many girl bought shawl from her bcos she very nice person..she also be a model for her own shawl..she have a lot of follower and loyal buyer..

- need latest design with good price..visit these blog..u won't be regret...
Happy viewing & shooping...

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