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Friday, June 26, 2009


transformer II - booked ticket on mon, 22 june...tu pun aku tgk kat alamanda..pasal OU mlm sabtu fully book...tu yg bdak2 TMS bahan aku...dengki kan..korg x tgk lagi....hahahaha...


The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron's dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.

we are waiting for this movie for long time....the 1st one, superb!!!!...during i watched it all crowd were clapping their hand and even went out from the hall, crowd said that that movie damn great..i'm hoping for this 2nd part extra superb...but for me from 5 star i just give 3.5...this time more focus on 'sam'...n so many decepticon appear + some complicated story...bumblebee from start until the end, no voice..even the autobots not so 'wow' like previous one......ermm...but this time have some touching + funny part (that little decepticon was change his side to autobot)..mejar lennox more handsome... :D

maybe they will come with 3rd part...because the Megatron still alive...hope Michael Bay will come back with his excellent job as 1st part.....give us more!!

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